• Q: How do I join the club? How do I register for the gallery or forum?

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    The club is open to current and former employees of Nortel. There are no fees and no special process to become a member. Just participate! Anyone can view the gallery, bulletin board, and Wiki.

    To be post images in the gallery or comments on the forum, you must register:

    1. Read the Acceptable Use Policy.
    2. Go to the forum index page and select the "Register" link in the top menu bar.
    3. Fill in the registration information. For Nortel employees, it is preferred that you use your Nortel email address initially (you can change it later) so we can verify your identity. For former Nortel employees, in addition to submitting the registration form, please send an email to with the name of a Nortel employee who can vouch for you.
    4. Due to spam problems, the online registration form has been disabled for the time being. Please send an email request to with your name, email address, and desired login name. For Nortel employees, it is preferred that you use your Nortel email address initially (you can change it later). For former Nortel employees, if you know one, please include the name of a club member who can vouch for you.
    5. Your combined forum, gallery, and Wiki account will be activated as soon as we can. (Volunteers at work here!) When it is activated, you will receive an email notification.
    6. Please update your signature to contain at least your first name (you do not have to use it for all your posts, but having it in your signature will allow users to see it when they view your profile). After logging in, select the "User Control Panel" link, select the "Profile" tab, then the "Edit signature" link.

    As a registered member, you will be able to create a member album in the gallery in which you can post your photos, and you can login into the Wiki and make changes.

  • Q: What are the club activities?

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    The Ottawa chapter meets monthly on the second Monday of each month (with adjustments made for holidays). Generally speaking, the sessions alternate between presentations given by members, and photo critique sessions that discuss photos submitted for critique. For the Richardson chapter, please speak to James Langford about meeting schedules; for the RTP chapter, please speak to Brent Harsh.

    Though any one can view our forum and gallery, registered members can post comments and photos. We engage in discussion about photography, including equipment and software reviews/recommendations, news on newly-released products, feedback on photos, advice on photo post-processing and workflow, tips on photography, and either bragging about our latest purchases or drooling over the latest equipment release.

    We also have a Wiki of photography information where members have posted references and tips, including presentations on using Photoshop, links to useful tools, reviews, and pointers to online resources.

    The NPC has started a mentorship program where you can volunteer as a mentor, and interested members can contact you to learn more. Please visit the link for more information and a list of available mentors.

    An annual photo book, Viewfinders, is published by the NPC, with photos submitted by members.

    In 2008, the NPC held an open house in Ottawa that attracted a great deal of interest. Stay tuned for news about any future open houses and how you can help!

  • Q: Why do some NPC Gallery thumbnail images not show up? (Only the drop shadow shows.)

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    Some firewalls such as Norton Internet Security 2005 may block images because of their small size. It's not that there's a security risk here; it's just that this may be a common size for ads. Or so we speculate. Reconfigure your firewall.

  • Q: What is RSS / feeds? How do I find out what's changed in the NPC Gallery or forums?

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    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a new thing to most of us here so this answer is a little thin. (You can easily Google RSS to learn more than you want.) Basically, RSS exports a summarised description of the NPC Gallery content. You can use a program, generically called a "news aggregator", to monitor the NPC RSS feed (and other RSS feeds, common in the news and blog arenas) and give you a summary of the content, and what's changed.

    A member has contributed these details to get RSS to work on Thunderbird, version 0.9:

    • Download and install Thunderbird from
    • In Thunderbird, "Create a new account" (Click on "Local Folders" and the area to the right should contain the "create a new account" link.
    • In "New Account Setup", select "RSS News & Blogs" and follow the instructions until you "Finish". This will create an item in the "folder" area to the left.
    • Click on "News & Blogs" (or whatever you called it), and then click on "View settings for this account". This should display "RSS Account Settings". Click on "Manage subscriptions..." and then click on "Add".
    • Go to a page that has an "RSS" link and copy the URL. Paste it into the "Feed URL" and click on OK. See Gallery RSS Feeds for more information on the feeds for the gallery.
    • This will set up your feed and changes will show up in much the same way as new mail or new news group messages. You can choose between seeing the summary (which typically has the "title" of the page for our web site) and a link to the updated page or you can load the web page.