NPC Viewfinders 2009

About Viewfinders

The NPC is in the process of publishing its fifth annual edition of Viewfinders, the NPC photo book.

Some changes have been introduced for 2009:

Details on the selection process are still to be determined.

There will be photo book critique sessions in January and in June. To have one of your submissions included, or to nominate someone else's photo to be submitted, please email Dominic Richens or send a private message to dominic in the forum. Either specify which entry or entries you would like to be part of the critique session, or submit the URL of the photo and name of the photographer you are nominating (please also send a message to the photographer about the nomination).

Submission information

Every member can submit one photo that will be included in Viewfinders.

Every member can submit any number of candidate photos that will be placed in a pool with all other candidates. A selection process will be used to choose what photos will be included out of the pool. (The details of the selection process are still to be determined.)

All submitted photos must meet the same criteria as posting in the gallery (see below). The deadline for submission is early September, 2009 (exact date to be determined).

The exact size of the book will depend on the number of submissions.

The book will be available to order around the end of October. The current plan is to publish Viewfinders through (though this is subject to review). The book will be sold at cost (approximately US$35+shipping), and can be ordered individually direct from

If you have any questions about the photobook, or about submitting photos, please send an email to .

Photo Submission Criteria: