NPC Viewfinders: Help

Table of Contents

General instructions for submitting photos

For more information, please see the NPC Viewfinders web page.

Each member can submit one photo to be included in the book, and any number of additional candidate photos that will compete for inclusion. The candidate photos from all submitters will be placed in a pool and a selection process will choose which photos will be accepted. The process is still to be determined.

Only JPEG photos are accepted:

The photos will not be processed in any way, other than to add a 2-pixel white border. The photos will be printed at 300 dots per inch.

Note that editors of Viewfinders reserve the right to refuse photos that do not comply with NPC policies.

Help on the form

Note for most fields, a help tips box will pop up with an example when you hover over the field.


A short biography describing yourself, using full sentences written in the third person. Some possible topics include a description of your photographic experience, trips you have taken with your camera, your tenure with the company, unusual photographs, and your personal website.

Sample photo entry

JPEG files only: the longest dimension must equal 2276 pixels
City/Area, Country
Enter a description that will be printed with your photo.
    maker focal_length f-stop_range
    seconds or fraction of a second
    ISO film setting

New photo entries are added at the bottom of the order of preference, in consecutive order. You will not be able to leave any blank slots in your order of preference. To change your specified order, select the "Reorder entries" button. You will then be prompted to select a photo to move, and the new position for the photo. Select "Submit change" to save your change.

File and Title

These fields are mandatory. The submitted file must be in JPEG format:




A short description of the photograph. Some possible topics include a description of the circumstances of the photograph, composition choices, more technical details (such as filters used, film brand, post-processing applied), and the identity of any persons or objects.

Retrieve technical information from file

If you select this option, the camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO film setting information will be retrieved from the JPEG file, if it is present. If the data is not present for a given field, the current value will be kept.

Technical information provided in the fields below

Select this option to enter in the technical information manually.


The lens should be specified as in the following examples:

Additional information can be added after the f-stop information.

Shutter speed

The shutter speed should be specified in seconds (e.g. 5) or fractions of a second (e.g. 1/250).